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About Us 

Carson Cats is a cat rescue that is dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens from the 6 Los Angeles County shelters, mainly Carson Shelter located in Gardena, Ca.  Over the past 16 years, Carson Cats has rescued over 16,500 animals from the Los Angeles County Shelter System which has one of the highest euthanasia rates in the country.  This is a private, volunteer only organization and there is no direct affiliation with “Carson Cats” and the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control.


Carson Cats works relentlessly to rescue cats in need from these shelters, raising money for their vetting, pulling them from the shelters and transporting them to prospective fosters, adopters and rescues to the Los Angeles Area.   Carson Cats is also highly involved in making these cats HEALTHY for the rescues to take and find homes for because most of the animals that come from these shelters are exposed to terrible viruses or are surrendered to the shelter in terrible shape due to abuse and neglect. Carson Cats also works with many of the local rescues to adopt out these animals so that they may live happy and healthy lives with tons of love.


Carson Cats provides awareness to the community about the importance of spaying and neutering and helping out at a local level.   They have also managed the rescue of animals from several hoarding situations in the Los Angeles area, including a case where over 300 animals were seized by Animal Control because the conditions were so bad.  

We also are proud to have the South Bay's first Cat Rehabilitation Center that enables us to have our kitties be CAGE FREE while they wait for fosters and homes and other rescues to take them in!  We have a 2 kitten play rooms, a quiet room for our kitty families or kitties we are socializing, a room for our FELV cats and of course a huge main area for our cats and humans to interact! 

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